Setting Up a Smooth Estate Planning Process

Hello, I’m attorney, Feliz Martone, and this is A Wealth of Knowledge.

Estate planning does not have to be complicated or overly expensive, especially when you consider the potential costs of not having a plan. Can you really afford to leave things up to chance or to the government?

An estate plan is not a one size fits all set of documents. Custom language can avoid confusion regarding who gets what, when they get it, and how much. Terms must be properly identified in the document, so nothing is left up to chance.
By avoiding legal help now to create an estate plan, you may eventually incur more legal fees later by being forced to hire an attorney to perform damage control.

We devote special care to educating you and your trusted persons about responsibilities that come with being named in an estate plan. Many times the difference between a smooth transition and a rocky one comes down to the people that are left in charge.

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