Protecting a Special Needs Child with Estate Planning

This is A Wealth of Knowledge with me, attorney Feliz Martone.

For those families with a special needs child, taking steps to ensure they have a safe, happy, and healthy future is even more important to due to the additional hurdles they may face. With proper estate planning you can help provide a prosperous future for your child or grandchild.

The true purpose of a special needs trust is to provide the best quality of life possible for the beneficiary. Maintaining public benefits eligibility is one tool for pursuing that goal.

When a family has a disabled loved one, planning for their needs will require a document that provides flexibility to adjust for inevitable changes over their lifetime. Parents need to address many issues such as conservatorships guardianships, eligibility for SSI and medicaid, and planning for housing needs.

There is sometimes a need to partner with other professionals to serve our clients with special needs. We are here to help. Our priority is to assist you with crafting a plan that will ensure continued support and prosperity for your loved ones.

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