Protecting Your Pets with an Estate Plan

I’m attorney, Feliz Martone, and this is A Wealth of Knowledge.

Do you have a pet? I certainly do. Many pet owners acknowledge that their furry, feathered, or scaled friends are very much a part of the family. Your pets are more reliant on you than your children for their daily needs. Have you stopped to consider who will look after your beloved animals when you are not able to do so?

In addition to naming a legal guardian for your children, you can name one for your pets. As with any trusted decision -maker, tt is helpful for you to provide a list of other people to care for your animals, in case your first choice is unavailable. Without a plan your beloved family member could be surrendered to a shelter.

Beyond naming a caregiver for your animals that survive you, it is best to put your wishes for their care and writing. That way the person who takes ownership of your pet knows exactly how to best care for them.

If you already have estate planning documents, a pet trust is an important addition. We can also incorporate your beloved animals into a new will or trust plan.

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