Maintaining Your Estate Plan

Hello and welcome back to A Wealth of Knowledge with attorney, Feliz Martone. Roughly two -thirds of Americans do not have an estate plan. If you’re among the minority of adults who have prepared a will, a trust, or other estate planning documents you may think you are settled, but you might want to think again. An estate plan is a living set of documents that should be regularly reviewed and updated. There may be aspects that you have missed.

Because your estate plan relies on others, it is important to consider not only what might happen to you, but also what might happen to them. Paying attention to the small details can keep you protected.

  • Do you have backup decision makers?
  • Have you chosen an individual to care for your children?
  • Have you chosen an individual to handle medical or financial affairs on your behalf if you become unable to?

These are crucial decisions and should not be taken lightly. Let me help you review your estate planning documents. Together we will make sure you are protected.

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